Frequently asked questions

ALP-NC is a leadership training program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), family members of children and adults with I/DD, or professionals in the I/DD field. ALP-NC prepares individuals to be effective local, state, and federal advocates. ALP-NC helps you be an advocate and leader for the disability community, working together to create a more accessible world.

  • Adults who have an intellectual or developmental disability
  • Family members or caregivers of persons with an intellectual or developmental disability
  • Highly motivated and enthusiastic people who want to work for systems change and improve the lives of North Carolinians with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Individuals who can commit to attending four monthly sessions


ALP-NC is not just a training program – it’s about preparing leaders to become part of the ALP-NC Network. We prioritize the connections and relationships we make with other class members and alums that allow us to work together to create change at a larger scale. More than developing individual leaders, ALP-NC is building the collective leadership of our state. We’re here to lead – not just to learn!

Individuals participating in ALP-NC attend advocacy training, resource development, and skill-building workshops. Topics covered include the history of the disability rights movement, self-advocacy, independent living, employment, building inclusive communities, natural supports, and legislative issues.

During these sessions, you can practice new skills in a comfortable and safe environment, build a network of people from diverse cultural backgrounds and life experiences, and learn from national experts.

ALP-NC is about systems change – creating, working toward, and achieving a vision of shared values about people with disabilities. It’s about becoming confident in yourself, competent in the knowledge and information you’ll receive, and comfortable sharing the life experiences and expertise you bring to the program.

To be part of the ALP program, you must complete the following:

  • Attend four (4) training sessions on Fridays, starting at 10:00 AM and concluding at 2:00 PM. To see upcoming training dates, view our list of trainings.
  • Attendance at all four sessions is mandatory.
  • Complete assignments between training sessions (approximately 1-2 hours).

The ALP-NC program is a virtual program. All sessions are held via Zoom.

Individuals are selected as ALP-NC participants in a competitive application process administered statewide. All applicants will be notified of their status after the screening and selection process. We encourage applicants not selected to re-apply, as we always receive more worthy applications than we have spaces to fill. Each class is carefully chosen to represent a range of experiences, demographics, and abilities.

There is NO financial cost to participate in ALP-NC. Necessary accommodations will be provided at no cost, such as alternative materials.

ALP-NC WILL cost you time and effort, but ALP graduates agree that the commitment you make as a participant is well worth the life changes, the knowledge you will gain, and the relationships you will build while participating in the program.

 The topics that will be discussed include:

  • Identity–both given and chosen
  • Collective advocacy
  • Storytelling
  • History of the Disability Movement
  • Identifying problems and effective solutions
  • Network mapping
  • Working across differences
  • Finding common ground
  • Learning from others’ stories
  • Information, skills, and confidence to bring about change for those with developmental disabilities across a lifespan.
  • The opportunity to meet and unite with others with similar concerns and create a powerful voice on important issues.
  • Instruction and access to national experts in their field.

Application information will be on our trainings page.